News & Information From the DGA Northern Coordinator


As is the case within most national Associations, friendly rivalries abound. We are no different and within our disability golfer's family, it is based on geographical and culinary lines.

For us northeners anything  below  Watford Gap is enemy territory where sweaty ham, egg and chips or lasagne is consumed instead of  good old homemade meat pie and gravy with chips and peas.!!

Three layers of clothing is preferred down there to us just putting on a jumper when its below 5 degrees!!

Joking aside, the northern section has established a regular nucleus of golfers at its events and is always looking to expand the membership and experience different courses to play each year along with our regular haunts.

At the moment, most of our members are spread on both sides of the Pennines and most of the events are located within easy reach of the M62/M1 corridors. We would like to grow a little further in the North East and have an event at the end of the season at Castle Eden, nr Darlington, where it is hoped to attract additional members to the Association.