DGA Handicapping & Scoring Sytem


The Association has a computerised system, HandicapMaster, which we use for recording scores at events, creating new events, booking entries online, linking the event scores to Masterscoreboard.co.uk and many more administrative functions that assist in the smooth running of the Association.


In the first instance, a new member with a current competition CONGU handicap is allowed to begin with us on that handicap on production of the official CONGU Handicap Certificate. When a new member joins us without a recognised handicap, he/she has to submit 3 cards from our events to obtain a DGA Handicap. In either event, our rules state they are not allowed to win at their first event so we protect the integrity of the event.


Thereafter, every handicap is maintained via the results system for each event. The only variations on this are that for those club golfers who receive a handicap cut at their own club, they are duty bound to inform our Handicap Secretary if that is lower than their DGA current one so it can be adjusted accordingly. In addition, the Handicap Secretary may increase or reduce a member's handicap on general play or exceptional score situations. Should this happen, an email will be sent to the member informing them of the reduction/addition.


 Event scoring is based on the Stableford system. As we are an Association with many members not having a recognised CONGU handicap, we operate our own policy. However, it is closely based on CONGU Rules. 


At each event, the top third of the players' scores are added together and then divided by however many that top third constitutes. (e.g. if there are 12 players that equates to the top 4 scores) This then gives us a CSS Stableford Points figure for the day. Scores above and below this score are then subject to one of: A reduction, no change or an addition of .1 to ongoing handicaps based on CONGU principles.


There are two points to stress here; a reduction in a player's handicap may result even if their score is below the 36 pts that would not normally attract such a reduction in club golf. The Association handicap has no bearing whatsoever for those members of a club playing in their own or other club events. 


If there are any queries or problems, feel free to contact the Handicap Secretary,

John Riordan

07455 050305